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“I can only see a better world on the ashes of this one.”

Profane Existence

I am not a true anarchist.  Lots of people assume I am.  I am not, though I do think anarchy is necessary as a transitional period between one form of government to a newer, hopefully better form.  I don’t believe that it can work on a large scale.  We as a species are inclined to be selfish, this is part of our need for self preservation, but many people take it too far.  I think anarchy requires more out of people than what many can give.  It requires people to see the big picture and see beyond their selfishness.  I think that some people can do this, but most people cannot.  I also believe that anarchy is a contradiction in itself now, perhaps not a millennia ago, but especially now.  If you truly believe in something, you would fight for what you believe in.  We fight to force our beliefs on to others and establish power and control.  Also fighting is a way to acknowledge our existence.  Fighting is a way to feel pain, and pain is way to feel alive.

To fight with reason is to be alive with reason.  It all comes down to differences.  Differences causes dispute, and dispute is a reason to fight.  Fighting is a simpler form of conventional warfare which is used to establish beliefs and ideas on other people, which is not anarchy.  It goes against an anarchist beliefs if you fight for anarchy.  Even if you are fighting for something like freedom.


Digital Communication

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New resources for a new age

New resources for a new age

In this new age it’s  important to keep up with all the resources available to you.  Now there seems to be more than you can keep up with, and new ones being added all the time.  I signed up for Twitter, youtube, flickr and vimeo.  To be honest I never wanted anything to do with twitter, it seems to be a somewhat useful tool I suppose, but some people just way overuse it.  I don’t need an update from anyone ever every hour.  I don’t think its that useful because the amount I’d be “tweeting” it just makes more sense just to use myspace bulletins, or Facebook updates.  I see the need to get information out there and available for people to see, but I seriously can’t even begin to think of something important I need to tell people every hour of every day.  It could be useful for getting the word out through more channels, but I’d prefer myspace/facebook.  As far as vimeo/youtube go they are very useful tools if you have interesting video content to upload.  I have a youtube account, but I can never really think of anything I really want to make a video about.  I use all these things more for band purposes than my own personal reasons.  So I will use it if we ever have a video of ourselves that isn’t complete shit.  I am not really into bloggin at all, and video blogging doesn’t really appeal to me either, but I’d probably prefer it over written, because I feel I communicate better through talking than writing.  As far as Flicker goes I think its a bit pointless now with Facebook and myspace, I mean as far as I could tell you could do pretty much the same shit, but perhaps I missed something.  If it is what I think it is Myspace/Facebook have got it covered

My View on Good and Evil

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Just so you know this is just my opinion and I don’t mean to offend anyone.

I believe there is no such thing as good and evil.  I believe it is something brought up by social normality’s and conditioning.  I believe since it is a human made concept of belief that we can honestly put little faith behind it.  Our view of what is good and what evil is constantly shifts as time does.    Since the idea of good and evil is a human concept, I think it is initially flawed from the start.  It is our perception of what is wrong and right, but all too often one small change completely changes that.  Murder is an “evil” thing, but that changes if it’s part of everyday life.  If murder was necessary to survive, would it still be deemed an evil thing.  I thing that it would not, it would just be part of the society.  It seems to be very circumstantial, never absolute, and since it’s not absolute I don’t put much faith behind it. I think it’s another form of justification, to make us feel like we have authority over other people.  It’s a way we judge people, and write them off as “evil”, but it’s all perspective.  I think we as humans are inherently “neutral”.  Not good or evil as many schools of thought think.  It makes sense, if there is a God of some kind I see making us neutral is the only way that gives us freedom of choice.  Also I wonder why people say God is good.  I think God only makes sense on a neutral stand point.  If anyone is absolute and all powerful, I think neutrality makes the most sense.  God doesn’t have to be good, God doesn’t have to be anything, we as humans always seek to put meaning and purpose behind things, but if God is absolute, he needs no such thing.  God should not care about our lives, there’s no reason for him to.  If God made us, for the sole purpose of worshipping him, than he doesn’t deserve worship, than he’s just looking for a way to justify his own existence; just another lost soul pondering the ultimate question looking for why.

Recording Twin Cities Bands for free

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I recently started going to IPR a school for music production and recording in Minneapolis MN.  It’s a fucking awesome school, and it teaches you all you need to know about recording, and gives you the opportunity to get lots of first hand experience.  They have professional level gear they let students use to get experienced in the field of audio engineering.  I recorded my own band Diskast there not to long ago.  It was a pretty good time, unfortunately it involved alot of runing back in forth between the performance area and the control room, because Josh and I were record and playing, and we had no one in the control room consistently.  It went relatively smoothly except a few mic cables didnt work, and some of the drum mic clips were missing, but all in all a good experience.  It was our first time recording a full band at IPR.  We just tracked guitar bass and drums, the first night than the second night we added vocals and back up vocals.  It was a fun experience, and we had a good time, and just got pizza and chilled afterward.  Its a little hectic recording at IPR because you need to get out of the studio at a certain time because you need to book it in advance, but it teaches you to work under a deadline.  I am also in the process of recording anther band called Bring That Shit.  Its a local hardcore band, thats pretty kick ass.

I am in a few local punk bands, Born for The Gallows, and Diskast.  I also work at Eclipse Records in Saint Paul.  I am studying to become an audio engineer and producer and right now I have access to professional gear and I want to take full advantage of it well I am here.  So I’m trying to get as many bands through as possible.  I don’t care much what your genre is, in fact I want to get as many different styles as I can.  Josh, my friend and bassist of Diskast will also be recording with me to get more experience.   I love the Twin Cities music scene and want to to support it anyway that I can, this is also a great networking opportunity.  Only thing i ask is your semi professional and are fairly tight so we can get through it as soon as possible.  As far as how many tracks we do, its more or less up to you, I’d like to keep it to an EP length or less, because it is free and I want to get as many bands through as I can. I recorded Diskast, my own band a few months ago and we have some tracks up on myspace, which will give you a rough estimation of what the quality would be like.

Diskast Tracks

So if your interested in doing some tracks, hit me up, just send a message


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Google was founded by Larry page and Sergey Brin, it was named as such as a play on the word “googol” the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 0’s.  It was meant to represent the ridiculious amount of information that exists.  It also is a reference to the magnitude of googles mission, to make all the worlds information available for everyone to access.

Google is capable of virtually everything now, it has it’s own web browser(Google Chrome), its own Mobile operating system(Android), it’s own email, is partners with youtube, and is the most powerful internet search engine in the world.  It uses a complex math formula to rate web pages on their relevance.  It offers business highly sought after advertising opportunities specificly geared towards what they are interested in.  Google has a comprehensive mobile OS that has nearly all of the features google has, now on your phone.  It has many apps such as Gmail, Google Doc, and Google Calander to manage events.

More on the History of Google-

Movie goes a bit quick so heres a written version too-

Heres a conspiracy theory

IN DEFENCE MN Hardcore and Taco enthuiasts

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For the Taco

In Defence is a local hardcore band from the Twin Cities lead by Ben Crew.  They have been around for a few years now, put out a few good CD’s like Into the Sewer and Don’t Know How to Breakdance.  They know how to thrash, and rock the Twin Cities from the bars to the record stores to the house venues sprawled across the tundra of MN.  Harsh and in your face they know how to party.  They have great songs and can be very tongue and cheek.  They can go from politics to Star Wars in the blink of an eye.  They are also Taco Enthusiasts, know to some this might seem like a joke, but to them its no laughing matter.  They are the leaders in the war against the dreaded pizza.  Deeming it an inferior party food to the all-mighty taco.  Songs like All Hail the Taco Avenger and The Only Good Thing About Pizza is the Crust demonstarte how passionate they are about the Taco.  Regardless of if you like Pizza or Hardcore, their live shows are amazing, and really crowd involved, don’t forget to circle pit!

Now to the school bit…

In defence does a very good job connecting with their fans in my opinion.  They don’t in particular have all these crazy perks for donating to their cause, but you generally buy direct from them, and theyll cut you a deal based on what you can afford and what they have.  They play tons of shows and do lots of random stuff that they invite people to come too.  They just shot a video for their song, ” Don’t call me a Moshist” and invite everyone and anyone to come and provided free tacos for everyone(if you were fast enough).

more info and what not

Band Myspace

Interview with Ben Crew

Hello world!

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